Kim Kardashian and Kanye West rumors have been swirling due to the release of Kanye's new song, Theraflu, and the pair have been seen gallivanting around New York. TMZ is now confirming that Kim K has a hickey ... and its source of origin is Kanye's mouth.

The picture of Kim K walking through New York with the red mark on her neck was taken on the same day that she publicly announced she was dating the rapper/producer, reports TMZ. Take a look at Kanye's love bite on Kim's neck here.

Although the mark could have been from a skin condition called psoriasis that Kardashian suffers from, the gossip site polled almost 105,000 readers, and 78% of them believe it's a hickey.

Kanye's mark on Kardashian is believed to have occurred after they went to see The Hunger Games, but before they grabbed pizza, says Gawker.

Besides a hickey confirming her getting dirty with West, alleged naked photos of the two have hit the Internet. Kardashian was also photographed doing the walk of shame Thursday morning. She was caught leaving Kanye West's apartment in the morning wearing the same shirt, leather pants and heels that she wore when they went out Wednesday night. The reality star rocked sunglasses with her head down like most ladies who are caught in the walk of shame.

Rumors have also begun to circulate that Kim cheated on Kris with Kanye while they were still dating.