Following Kim Kardashian on Twitter always pays off to her fans. The brunette beauty knows she is pretty and never shies away from posting some treat for the eyes for her fans.

After recently posting her bikini pictures and captioning it Double Trouble, the 31-year-old reality star has once again posted a picture on Twitter, which reveals her voluptuous curves, stripping down to nothing but a retro style lingerie.

The Keeping Up With Kardashians star, who has over one million followers on Twitter, shared the picture Thursday night, which apparently is a still from a shoot.

In the photo, Kim, who seems to have lost quite a lot of weight, is seen posing in black lingerie with pouty lips and her brown locks falling over her right shoulder.

Meanwhile, rumors of an affair between Kim and rapper Kanye West are flying about, but the couple has not confirmed it yet. The duo have been spotted together virtually everywhere in New York City.

Kanye spilled out pretty much about his love for Kim in his new album song Theraflu while a friend of the couple has told Us Weekly that West, 34, has fallen genuinely head over heels for Kardashian, 31.

Kim is undergoing a pretty bad divorce with estranged husband Kris Humphries, who is out to make his divorce hell and is plotting to get her money and ruin her name, Us Weekly has reported.