Venerable art book publisher Rizzoli released a limited edition version of Kim Kardashian's new book of selfies called "Selfish" that sold out in under a minute on Shown: The "Selfish" cover on the wide release edition in May. Rizzoli

Anyone who follows Kim Kardashian on Twitter or Instagram knows that her selfie output is prodigious, if not excessive. Yet demand for images of Kardashian pouting and displaying her curvaceous figure is apparently insatiable: sold 500 limited edition, signed copies of her selfie-laden photo book "Selfish" in under a minute, according to Kardashian, who humblebrag tweeted her gratitude on Thursday.

Available copies of the 352-page book of selfies, signed and numbered by Kardashian, were just a teaser. May is the official release date of "Selfish," from venerable publishing house Rizzoli, which is better known for its high-brow art books. The special version of the $60 photo book came with a special cover of Kardashian in a red bikini.

Already the No. 1 book in Amazon's "portrait photography" category, "Selfish" is being marketed as "featuring many never-before-seen personal images from one of the most recognizable and iconic celebrities in the world." She is hailed, according to the book's promotional copy, as "the modern-day personification of Marilyn Monroe" and "a true American icon."

The copywriters for "Selfish" should get awards for burnishing Kardashian's reputation as someone "famous for being famous" by arguing instead that Kardashian is "[w]idely regarded as a trailblazer of the 'selfie movement' " who has "mastered the art of taking flattering and highly personal photos of oneself."