Kim Kardashian has clearly been studying at the Kanye West school of handling haters. The mother of two took to Twitter on Monday night to take a stand against critics of a post-baby nude photo she posted on Instagram.

Commentary on Kim's controversial nude photo began on Monday after the scandalous snapshot began to gain traction. As it made it's rounds on Twitter, Piers Morgan, Bette Midler and Chloë Grace Moretz seized the opportunity to weigh in. Morgan, known for his work in the news industry, called for Kim to prove she could have gotten where she is today without taking off her clothes. Midler knocked Kim for getting naked so much during her career, joking that if the "KUWTK" star wanted to shock viewers she'd have to "swallow the camera." Moretz retweeted Midler's sentiments, adding that she was not "s--- shaming" Kim, but rather insinuating that she didn't respect her platform.

Kim's Twitter tirade against the fellow celebrities began with a nod to her financial success. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star joked that she'd missed the controversy because she was busy cashing an "80 million video game check." She then took aim at each of her critics individually.

Kim, 35, began with Morgan, telling him he was wrong to offer to buy her clothes. The reality star joked that it was "on some ashley madison type s---" adding the hashtag "#forresearch." From there she moved on to Midler, mocking the actress for her age and asking her to "send nudes." Kim tweeted at the "Beaches" star a second time, bringing up a time when she'd sent the reality star a gift and calling her "fake." Lastly Kim fired off a single tweet about Moretz, suggesting that "no one knows" who the actress is. In between her personal attacks, Kim tweeted GIFs and photos from her Kimoji keyboard.

Kim's husband Kanye, 38, has employed similar Twitter tactics in recent weeks. On March 2, after posting a photo of his computer screen with several open internet tabs — including one to popular torrent site Pirate Bay — the Tidal rapper was embroiled in controversy. As NME reported, after learning that fellow musician DeadMau5 had weighed in, the father of two resurfaced on Twitter to mock the EDM artist. He joked that DeadMau5 should consider doing birthday parties, adding that daughter North West is a huge Minnie Mouse fan. 

Prior to that, Kanye launched an all-out attack on rapper Wiz Khalifa, who took issue with him using "Waves" as his album title (which, as we now know, never actually happened). Like his wife's recent rant, Kanye employed the use of Kimoji's to mock is victim. He tweeted that no one listens to the "Black and Yellow" rapper's music before attacking his child and ex-wife Amber Rose — who also dated Kanye.