Kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian responded to claims that she "stole" a picture of Thailand from Google images to post to her Instagram account after her family vacation. Reuters

Kim Kardashian publicly documented her trip to Thailand on her Instagram account and caused an uproar when she “stole” a scenic picture of the beautiful country from Google images. She was labeled a fraud by many.

By Tuesday she's had and took to her Celebuzz blog to set the record straight, addressing the Google image and a story that claimed she spent six hours at a spa.

“There’s 2 things I have to get off my chest,” the 33-year-old began. “I know I should ignore these things, and usually I do but I’m just [not] in that mood today!”

Quickly, she addressed the issue of the “stolen” picture. “I instagramed a pic of Thailand I found on Google thanking Thailand for the memories we had on our recent trip. I never claimed to have taken that pic. It was the best pic to show how pretty Thailand was.”

She also never said in the April 3 post that the picture wasn’t hers, however. According to the star, she was too busy taking pictures of herself to take any pictures of the scenery. “I was already home and couldn’t take a new pic… just didn’t have scenic pics on my phone! I see today people are calling me a fraud… but ummm when did I ever say i took that pic? LOL”

Not only did the reality star not get a six-hour massage, but: “The hotel was gorgeous and had amazing service, but not once did I get a massage, which I’m actually pissed I didn’t do because a Thai massage I heard are the best!”

The fact that she’s complaining about not getting a massage probably won’t help ease the naysayers. Most people aren’t going to feel bad that while she was on a luxury vacation with her family she didn’t get to indulge in any spa treatments. But she continued: “I really don’t appreciate false info making me out to be a diva…. come on I was busy taking selfies all day!!! Just kidding…well not really :)”

At the end of her note, Kardashian revealed she was bored and daughter North West was sleeping, so that’s why she decided to address the gossip: “I just hate when people lie about things so I am in the mood to blog because my daughter finally went down for a nap and I am here bored!”

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