• Tetsuya Nomura may have hinted that the "Kingdom Hearts" team has a Nintendo project coming
  • "Kingdom Hearts" games have mostly been PlayStation exclusives
  • "Melody of Memory," however, is Switch-bound

With “Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory” set for a Nov. 11 release, the creator behind the series has hinted that something special is coming for Nintendo fans.

Tetsuya Nomura created “Kingdom Hearts” for the PlayStation 2 back in 2002 and the role-playing franchise carved its own niche by combining elements of the rich Disney catalog with the “Final Fantasy” series. Through his protagonist Sora, gamers have been able to team up with iconic Disney characters in several games on different platforms.

According to Go Nintendo, Nomura hinted that he could be cooking something up related to “Kingdom Hearts” in an interview with a Japanese Nintendo magazine.

When asked about not having a “Kingdom Hearts” title that he has worked on appear on a Nintendo system, he replied, “I think we'll be able to deliver something [to Nintendo fans] in the not-too-distant future.”

It’s cryptic at best and definitely vague, but the mere prospect of having something related to “Kingdom Hearts” appearing on the Nintendo Switch will surely get fans of the series and the console excited.

With games like “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” bringing in characters from different video game franchises, Sora has been one of the most requested characters to somehow make the next jump, ScreenRant noted.

“Kingdom Hearts” games have, for the most part, planted their roots in PlayStation from the beginning. But with spinoffs like “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories” on the Gameboy Advance and “Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance” on the 3DS, it’s not like Nintendo has never intermingled with the franchise.

Developer Square Enix just revealed in September that the coming “Final Fantasy XVI” will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

When “Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory” appears on the Nintendo Switch along with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it will mark the first time that a “Kingdom Hearts” title comes to the Nintendo console. Still, it is not considered a mainline game for the franchise, something that Nintendo fans have longed for.

Nomura himself has a history of keeping fans guessing on social media so his comments could be interpreted a number of ways. At the very least, Nintendo Switch gamers will have the opportunity to get some love when “Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory” arrives next month.

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