A kitten suffered a broken jaw after being kicked and tossed around by school children. The wounded feline was found at Lakewood, New Jersey, by an unidentified woman, Wednesday.

Alleging that the cat was being harassed by school children near Lakewood, Calling All Cats, a rescue group, said that the children “were sticking sticks up his rectum and they damaged his jaw by tossing him around and kicking him.”

In a Facebook post, the group indicated that there was a police complaint filed by the person who rescued the cat but according to the police, there is no such record in their system.

“After an extensive search of our database, we do not have any record of anyone reporting this event. However additional follow-up will take place today to try and confirm or dispel the allegations," police said, adding that they were looking for video surveillance of the area to confirm the allegations.

Meanwhile, the kitten was reportedly receiving treatment and undergoing tests at a veterinary clinic.

In a similar incident in New Mexico last month, a kitten had to be euthanized after a man threw it on the ground. A police officer reported to a house in San Juan County on suspicion of domestic violence. On reaching the house, a woman told the officer that a kitten was maliciously injured and reported that she witnessed 27-year-old Roy Madrid throwing the kitten to the ground.

A kitten sits in his enclosure at a Buddhist temple in the suburbs of Shanghai, Dec. 3, 2015. JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images