Krampus, a mythical Christmas demon, has been around for hundreds of years, but a movie with the same name will hit theaters Dec. 4. Legendary Pictures, Universal Pictures

Is Krampus, the creepy creature from the upcoming movie with the same name, real? It’s a question some are asking after the spooky trailer from the Michael Dougherty-directed film premiered Wednesday.

Whether Krampus is real depends on one’s definition of “real.” Those who are worried can rest easy: There’s no physical proof of Krampus because he’s a mythical creature. Krampus is as real as Santa Claus -- though that’s not to say the Christmas demon is something Hollywood conjured up in order to make a hit movie for the holiday season. While Tinseltown is probably banking on making money off the film, it cannot take credit for Krampus’ creation. To learn more about the frightening demon, who knows if you've been naughty or nice, continue reading:

1. The creature has more than one name. Other names for Krampus are Schmutzli, Perchten, Knecht Ruprecht, Certa, Black Peter, Pelznickel and Klaubauf.

2. Krampus is a pagan monster with roots in Germanic and Greek mythology, National Geographic wrote. The name itself comes from the German word “krampen,” which means “claw.” In the myth, he is described as a demonic version of half-goat, half-man. To top it off, he is adorned with a chain and bells and a bundle of birch sticks with which to hit naughty children.

3. Krampus pre-dates Christianity. That means he’s older than Jesus Christ.

4. He doesn’t arrive on the same day as Santa Claus. Krampus gets Dec. 6, a night of his own. He shows up on Krampus Night, or Krampusnacht, which coincides with St. Nicholas Day. Children, mostly in Germany, leave a shoe or a boot out. If they find a gift, they were rewarded for being good, but if they find a rod, they were naughty.

Don’t miss “Krampus” when it premieres in theaters nationwide Dec. 4. Check out the terrifying trailer below:

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