Ashton Kutcher
"Who could have predicted that we would be here six months ago?," Tassler was quoted as telling reporters by The Los Angeles Times. "Our whole focus right now is moving forward," the Entertainment president added. Reuters

Ashton Kutcher’s lawyers have threatened to sue the adult entertainment company, Vivid Entertainment for using his name to promote a sex tape.

The tape features Brittney Jones, who is alleged to be his mistress. Vivid Entertainment’s press release for the tape reads: Ashton's fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star himself may have experienced.

A lawyer of Kutcher wrote to Vivid Entertainment, threatening legal action for trading on Mr. Kutcher's good name and reputation for a commercial purpose. Attorneys for the Just Married star claim the association infringes on his marketable celebrity identity value

Vivid Entertainment on its part denies any wrongdoing and call Ashton’s threat without merit. Vivid boss Steve Hirsch told, We received the letter late this afternoon and I immediately forwarded it to my attorney. We will respond accordingly.

Rumours of an alleged affair between Ashton and Britteny Jones surfaced in September in Star Magazine but the 'Valentine's day' star denied the allegation.