• Lady Gaga called out President Donald Trump over George Floyd's death
  • The singer  called the POTUS racist and a fool
  • The "A Star is Born" actress' social media post received mixed reactions from many people

Lady Gaga talks about George Floyd’s death and the racism that the black community has been facing for years.

More and more celebrities have broken their silence on the issue of racism and violence following Floyd’s death. The “Poker Face” hitmaker also took to social media to share her thoughts about the matter.

“I am outraged by the death of George Floyd as I have been by the deaths of exponentially too many black lives over hundreds of years that have been taken from us in this country,” she wrote on Twitter.

Lady Gaga also called out President Donald Trump and labeled him racist. According to the “A Star is Born” actress, the black community has been silenced for too long and no matter what they do to protest “they are still met with no compassion by the leaders that are meant to protect them.”

“We have known for a long time that President Trump has failed. He holds the most powerful office in the world, yet offers nothing but ignorance and prejudice while black lives continue to be taken,” she added.

“We have known he is a fool, and a racist, since he took office. He is fueling a system that is already rooted in racism, and racist activity, and we can all see what is happening. It’s time for change.”

Lady Gaga then asked the people to speak gently to each other and to do it with passion and inspiration. She also encouraged everyone to show love for the black community.

The singer considers herself privileged because of her white skin color and so she reminded other people who are as privileged as her that they haven’t fought enough to stand against racism and those who were killed for it.

Lady Gaga’s post was met with mixed reactions. Some slammed her because of the violent protesters. Meanwhile, another attacked her due to her meat dress a decade ago.

“Nobody gives the right to steal, loot, destroy property/lives, and hurt people!! Period,” @BobJohn46068836 commented.

“You’re proud of her for doing what what’s right? The BARE MINIMUM wth,” @afyodjdjs added.

“Not sure I should be listening to someone who wore this,” @DarrylTheDude wrote while sharing a photo of Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Some also slammed the singer for dropping her new album amid the chaos.

“Speak gently to one another, yeah, I like that. Just like Mr. Floyd spoke gently about not being able to breathe! I don't recall seeing you at any of the protests, oh wait, let me verify that before I say it. No, you haven't. But you dropped that album, didn't ya!” Crissy wrote.

Meanwhile, many also defended Lady Gaga. One said that “not everyone wants to feel depressed 24/7.” Many also said that her album was set to be released on that day, so it does not make sense to slam her over it.

Nevertheless, the majority were grateful for Lady Gaga for speaking up. Many thanked her for using her platform and addressing the issue instead of promoting her album.

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