Lady Gaga has been named the most provocative celebrity of 2010 by CNN’s Showbiz Tonight.

The criteria were public outrage and interest, the most lasting impact-a wide range by any stretch. Did she easily make it to the list? No, she had ample competition from Lindsay Lohan , Charlie Sheen and Miley Cyrus and Mel Gibson.

Lady Gaga has had a year full of outrageous costumes and outspokenness. Topping the list is her “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell “ campaign against the military policy. Her meat costume at MTV awards, her gravity defying shoes, the Hallowen Cruella costume and Barbie head biting stunt . She even has a University course being taught about her.

As Showbiz Tonight says her total cultural impact is strong.

“In 2010 she dominated cyberspace, becoming the most followed person on Twitter and the first artist to reach a billion video views on YouTube. And Lady Gaga wasn’t afraid to use her massive platform to effect social change. She led campaigns to stop bullying and to end the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy.”

As we know celebrities and lists go together. It can be the richest , best dressed, worst dressed, the sexiest. As long as the lists are made we are going to see who tops it. We may even have one on who made it to the most lists.