Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Reuters

Lady Gaga answered her fans' questions in an exclusive interview through Google Moderator, an application that allows participants to manage feedback.

Lady Gaga answered the questions as her fans got a more personal look into the pop star's life. She discussed everything from backstage pranks during her tour, her security entourage and her obsession with yoga.

Mother Monster said that her entourage regularly taunts her with food during her tours.

There's a lot of back stage shenanigans, she said. Very often they make jokes about my diet because they know I have to stay fit for videos, so they'll leave mounds of cheeseburgers and stuff in my dressing room. It's really awful. It's vicious.

Lady Gaga also addressed the issue of bullying say that the people that used to bully her now ask her for concert tickets.

There's been lots of concert ticket requests. I think one of the most awkward things anyone ever said to me was, well my my, how the tables have turned. To be honest, I don't have that kind of vengeful spirit and I never did. I say this with so much genuineness in my heart: Bullying stays with you your whole life: I was never the winner, I was always the loser, and that stays with me.

A lot of the questions asked were more personal, for example about how all the tattoos the pop star has are on the left side of her body.

It was actually per my father's request. He said that I remain on one side, slightly normal, she said.

She also discussed her addiction to yoga.

It's the only thing I feel I can be really bad at and nobody knows. I guess that's the thing about fame that's difficult. IF you screw up ... Google is there, she said.

Google Moderator was created in 2008 but the interview with Lady Gaga was the first time a celebrity used the application for a press-conference style interview.