Lady gaga
U.S. singer Lady Gaga listens to a question during a news conference in Taipei July 4, 2011. Lady Gaga will be in Taiwan from July 1-5 to promote her latest album "Born This Way". REUTERS/Nicky Loh

Lady Gaga, the Italian-American singer, known for her beautiful voice, and more for her bizarre outfits and performances, does not seem to be happy that she was born this way after all.

Reportedly, the diva barely ate for weeks at a time while on tour and spent hours staring at her body in a mirror, critiquing all of its flaws, Ian Halperin, an investigative reporter told the Daily Mail.

The girl known as Stefi to her friends and family has all but disappeared, explains Halperin in his upcoming biography of Gaga. She's morphed into this caricature called Lady Gaga, who isn't even a real person, dailycaller reported.

Earlier in May, the youth icon with huge fan following had told Rolling Stone, When I am not onstage I feel dead ... I don't feel alive unless I'm performing, and that's just the way I was born.

According to Halperin, behind Gaga's out of the world costumes and perfectly applied make-up, there are serious health problems.

Gaga's wigs and make-up are a cover up for her hair loss and red blotches, he told the media.

The star is reportedly affected by lupus, an auto-immune condition that attacks the body's tissue. Gaga herself released a statement, saying she tested borderline positive but shows no symptoms of the disease, says the report.

She has also admitted her drug use, explaining she did bags and bags of cocaine while listening to The Cure, a band.

She stopped using the drug because I was panicking more on the drugs than I was sober, she said.

Halperin says, however, her abuse of narcotics is far more extensive than she lets on. From heroin to cocaine and ecstasy, her friends say that she has done every drug conceivable, he says. You name it, she has done it.

Lady Gaga's recent appearance was in Singapore where she showed up to accept a plaque from Sandy Monteiro, president of the Universal Music Group International, for selling an extraordinary number of albums.