Lana Del Rey has received the NMA treatment. The Taiwanese animators have made a video questioning everything from her SNL performance to her publicity team. (PHOTO: Screen Capture /

It was only a matter of time before Lana Del Rey received the NMA treatment.

On the same day Del Rey dropped her debut album, Born to Die, the singer was presented in animated form, thanks to Taiwanese animated news Web site Next Media Animation (NMA).

Titled Lana Del Rey Born to Die eviscerated by critics, the minute-long video opens with Born to Die literally dropping into a field, greeted by a swarm of respectable music publications including Spin and Billboard.

The critics immediately smash the album with frying pans, before the NMA folks give a brief rundown on Del Rey's journey to mainstream music land.

Born to a rich father, Lana was crowned early on by hipsters as the next big thing. She calls herself a 'gangster Nancy Sinatra,' according to the narrator (and the subtitles).

The video goes on to reference Del Rey's trainwreck of a performance on Saturday Night Live and Brian William's much publicized reaction (Worst outing in SNL history).

Despite the noise from SNL viewers, music critics and naysayers in recent months, Born to Die debuted at number one on iTunes Tuesday in more than ten countries, including the US, Italy, France, Belgium and Mexico.

Thank you for making the record #1 . . . Your sweet words have softened the effect of even the harshest reviews. I adore you, Del Rey wrote to fans on her Facebook page Tuesday.

Earlier this week, Del Rey also commented on her SNL performance for the first time.

I actually felt good about it . . . i thought I looked beautiful and sang fine, the 25-year-old told Rolling Stone.

It felt OK. The cast and crew said they loved it. I know some people didn't like it, but that's just the way I perform, and my fans know that, she added.

Over the last year, NMA has transformed some of the most talked about news items into minute-long animated capsules that have gone viral. To date, the most popular videos on its YouTube channel include a take on TSA's enhanced security (2.1 million views), Charlie Sheen's Plaza Hotel rage (900,000 views) and Steve Jobs' death (564,000 views).

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