• Lana Rhoades' boyfriend, YouTuber Mike Majlak, shared some mental health tips on World Mental Health Day
  • The podcast host encouraged his followers to avoid toxic people and to "keep going"
  • Rhoades and Majlak recently slammed the cheating rumors plaguing their relationship

YouTuber Mike Majlak joined the many social media influencers who marked World Mental Health Day on Saturday with social media posts.

On Twitter, porn star Lana Rhoades' boyfriend gave his followers some tips for maintaining good mental health and shared encouraging words as he celebrated World Mental Health Day. Majlak, who co-hosts the "Impaulsive" podcast with Logan Paul and Spencer Taylor, suggested working out daily, avoiding "toxic" people and treating one's self better.

"get sweaty every single day. remove the toxins, both the kinds that breathe air and the kinds that don’t. social media isn’t real life. breathe in, hold it, let it out slow. talk nice to yourself," he tweeted.

Majlak continued, "it gets better if you just keep going."

The YouTuber added that he is also going through some challenges in his life and that he feels better knowing that he isn't alone. He remains positive that he and others who feel the same way will eventually find their way out of what they are going through.

"they say misery loves company, but so does recovery," he wrote in another tweet. "it always made me feel better that i wasn’t the only avoiding the grocery store, turning the volume to only even numbers, or obsessing over negative thoughts. i’m in this s--t with you, and we’ll find our way out the same way."

As a social media personality, Majlak has some experience with criticism and rumors spreading like wildfire on the internet. Earlier this week, he and his porn star girlfriend addressed the cheating speculation aimed at both of them following the spread of paparazzi photos and footage.

Rhoades was accused of flirting with TikTok star Bryce Hall, while Majlak became the subject of cheating allegations after he was spotted hugging a woman. Both insisted that their relationship is fine and that there is no truth to the rumors.

"That's the thing about the internet, one little touch or like one little hug will start the rumor mill going and it's just an indication of the maturity level of the internet," Majlak said.

Meanwhile, Majlak is not the only YouTuber who commemorated World Mental Health Day this year.

Dan Howell suggested a game for his followers, tweeting, "fun #worldmentalhealthday social media game! think about how the accounts you follow affect your mental health and if they stress you out or make you feel bad when you see them.. unfollow/mute that s--t - congrats you win."

Spencer Taylor, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak
(L-R) Spencer Taylor, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak attend The 9th Annual Streamy Awards on December 13, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images/Presley Ann