Vin Diesel shows off the two sides of his character in "The Last Witch Hunter," in the new Comic-Con posters for the movie. Lionsgate

Vin Diesel’s physical transformation into his next role isn’t so much about protein shakes and muscle conditioning. We assume the buff actor will be in great shape for his upcoming “Furious 8” sequel, but for his next role, the iconic bald actor will get a little bit hairier, as the lead in “The Last Witch Hunter.”

New movie posters revealed at Comic-Con feature Diesel’s immortal hunter. Entertainment Weekly positioned the two posters together to emphasize the way witch hunting has changed through the ages. In the first poster, Vin Diesel looks rugged, surrounded by bones and gargoyles while oufitted in full body armor and what almost looks to be a man bun and a beard.

Then in the next photo, Diesel’s character Kaulder is clean-shaven and suave, sitting in a sleek setting of a modern home. Not bad for a couple hundred years’ difference. For his first on-screen adventure in “The Last Witch Hunter,” Diesel will be joined by Elijah Wood, Michael Caine and Rose Leslie.

Last month, Vin Diesel excitedly announced that the studio behind “The Last Witch Hunter,” Lionsgate, has already agreed to distribute future sequels. That’s good, because “The Last Witch Hunter” is based on “The Axe & Cross” series, so named after Kaulder’s order.

“The Last Witch Hunter” will have formidable competition with the likes of Guillermo del Toro's "Crimson Peak" vying for the same Halloween audiences. The spellbinding horror film comes out the week before “The Last Witch Hunter” hits movie screens.

“The Last Witch Hunter” opens in theaters nationwide on Oct. 23.