The damaged Fukushima power plant reported fresh problems of water leak from a reactor vessel and spilling of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean on Thursday.

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced the current situation and deployed emergency crew to bring the plant to a stable condition which is only possible by a cold shutdown which is expected to find success sometime between October and January.

The March 11 tsunami had wrecked the plant’s cooling system which partly melted several fuel rods in the reactor cores. The reactors and fuel rods, shaken by a number of explosions, were extinguished with water to avoid overheating and releasing more radiation.

The fuel rods were exposed to air which increased chances of a hazardous melt down after the water level inside the reactor had fallen below the 12 foot long rods, reports said.

Seven tons of water was infused into the reactor with the help of fire trucks and boom pump system during the extinguishing operation which created huge amounts of contaminated water, the company said and promised to contain these leaks.

A report said samples of sea water taken for investigation showed caesium-134 chemical at an amount 17,000 times more than the normal permitted level.