Screenshot 2017-04-17 at 11
Dark Star Thresh's new game mode Riot

A teaser for a new League Of Legends game mode featuring Dark Star Thresh, along with two new skins have just been revealed on Riot’s Italian Facebook page. This new mode doesn't look like anything we’ve seen before, switching out the nexus for a giant purple star that sucks you into space if you touch it. There are Void Scuttle Crabs to whack as well, I can’t wait to find out the rules sometime later this week.

Riot has never made a rotating game mode where you all play as the same champion, locked inside the same base with a completely different set of win conditions. Thresh’s whips and chains have always been fun to play, so why not give them their own playground to slap each other in? I haven’t been this excited about a new mode in League since URF was briefly released over three years ago.

There are also two new skins: Dark Star Kha'Zix and Orianna. They follow the same pattern as the rest of the Dark Star line: bright purple stars and cosmic fluidity that would make Aurelion Sol weep with joy. We actually already knew these skins were coming; a leak back on reddit in March detailed all of the skins that were planned. The leaker has been right on everything so far, including Rakan and Xaya, the last two champions added to the game.