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Aren't these birds lovely? Riot Games

That League Of Legends teaser from yesterday was actually about two new champions. On the LoL Facebook page, a new video emerged featuring two cloaked figures in an embrace, one with giant wings. The leak from earlier this week may have been right; it looks like the next two champions are a duo. If they are both playable, without each other, that would be the craziest feature to come in a champion’s kit. Move over Ivern’s pacifism, it’s all about the duo champs.

The quote on the video says: “She fights for the cause. He fights for her.” What that cause is remains to be seen, but I expect these two to be very Demacian. The angelic light outside the harpy and the scout signify a celestial being, these two could even be on the same level as Bard or Aurelion Sol.

Here’s hoping that we get a marksman or a tank support, I’d love a good bot lane duo to get released in the middle of this AP mage support meta. Don’t need to see anymore Zyras or Malzahars when there’s a loving couple ready to kick some ass. Lucian and Thresh are no longer the only canon bot-lane duo, even if they hate each other.

Expect more information to pop up about these champions later in the week, when they both end up on the PBE.