Actress Leah Remini has had a lot to say about Scientology since leaving the church in 2013. And recently, she pulled back the curtain a little further when it comes to Scientology’s most famous practitioner.

In an interview with Page Six, Remini revealed the stature actor Tom Cruise has within Scientology. She said that Cruise is “considered a deity within Scientology.”

The only person considered greater than Cruise within Scientology is the current church leader. “He is second to David Miscavige — the savior of the free world,” Remini said. The actress also claimed that members of the church are actively encouraged to see Cruise’s films multiple times while they’re in theaters to increase the box office totals.

Remini’s statements were supported by fellow ex-Scientologist, Bree Mood. Mood, who left the church several months ago, said that “Tom Cruise was a god in the lower ranks.”

Regarding Cruise’s films, Mood continued, “Every time a Tom Cruise movie came out they’d buy all his tickets. It could be 500, 1,000, up to 2,500 people. I’m not kidding.”

These statements are further supported by Scientology blog The Underground Bunker, which covered the recent L. Ron Hubbard birthday event. The blog highlighted how Cruise was front and center at the celebration with fellow Scientologist and actor John Travolta.

The influence Cruise has within Scientology can also be seen with his adopted children. Recently, Isabella Cruise, who was adopted by Tom and, then wife, Nicole Kidman, spoke publicly about being a practicing Scientologist and that it provided the “missing piece” in her life.

Her younger brother, Connor, who was also adopted by Cruise and Kidman, is also a practicing Scientologist.

Tom Cruise Scientology
Former Scientologist Leah Remini commented on the stature Tom Cruise has within the religion. Cruise attends the "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" premiere at The Ancestral Temple on Aug. 29, 2018 in Beijing, China. Yanshan Zhang/Getty Images