For months, LeeAnn Rimes has been rumored to have a serious eating disorder, but recent photos of the singer in a bikini show off a perfectly healthy and toned figure.

Rimes was recently photographed with her husband Eddie Cibrian, eating breakfast in Hawaii. Private cabana w/ hubby and best friends..... Doesn't get any better than this!, she tweeted.

Rimes has always been one to keep her body slim and toned with frequent exercise and healthy eating. She told Shape magazine that she alternates her weight with cardio and group cycling and generally eats chicken, fish and vegetables.

Since rumors of an eating disorder started, Rimes has been defensive and sometimes even tweets about what kinds of foods she has been eating. Last week she sent out a tweet saying she was stuffed after eating sushi.

On Saturday she sent out a tweet from Hawaii that read, Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.

The singer has also recently become subject of pregnancy rumors. On Monday she tweeted, I have never even tried (to get pregnant). Please stop discussing my ovaries. I just think its (sic) crazy that people make articles out of nonsense.

Here are recent photos of the singer in Hawaii:

PHOTO: Twitter

PHOTO: Twitter