Left For Dead 3 Countdown
Left For Dead 3 Countdown http://l4d3.ru/#

A page containing a countdown for a "Left for Dead 3" announcement was spotted by Stick Skills. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the site is legitimate.

Our first instinct was to look up the page on whois.com, which provides site registration information. When we plugged the countdown page's URL into the site, it didn't provide us with any conclusive data one way or another. Check out the image below to see what we mean.

L4D3 Whois
L4D3 Whois http://www.whois.com/whois/l4d3.ru

It's important to note that this is a Russian site. Russia has a reputation for software piracy, malware development and cybercrime, which is another reason why we call this site's validity into question. Then there's another question: Why would an American company like Valve choose to announce a sequel to one of their most beloved game franchises using a Russian site? The equation doesn't quite add up. Valve did open its first European office in Luxembourg last year, so the use of a Russian domain could serve as a smokescreen.

What's interesting is that the timer on the supposed "Left for Dead 3" countdown page is set to expire right in the middle of Gamescom 2013, which will be held from Aug. 21 until Aug. 25 in Cologne, Germany. Valve is set to be there too. Check out the photo below for proof.

Valve Gamescom
Valve Gamescom http://www.gamescom-cologne.com/en/gamescom/ausstellersuche/suche/suche.php?stichwort=valve

While some stars have appeared to align and point toward a "Left for Dead 3" announcement at Gamescom 2013, not all of the dots are connectable.

Valve showed a "Left for Dead 2" trailer at E3 2009, so we suspect that they would have debuted "Left for Dead 3" in a similar fashion at this year's E3. Nevertheless, this countdown site looks a little too obvious for such a secretive company like Valve. We expect them to be a little more clever with a countdown or teaser site than this.

We'll be keeping an eye on this "Left for Dead 3" countdown site as well as any information that suggests an incoming "Left for Dead 3" reveal. We remain hopeful, but cautious and skeptical.

What do you think of this "Left for Dead 3" countdown site? Do you think this "Left for Dead 3" countdown site is real? Why or why not? What do you want to see in "Left for Dead 3"? What did you like best about "Left for Dead 2"? What were the biggest flaws in "Left for Dead 2"? Sound off in the comments below.