Wentworth Miller as Leo, Dominic Purcell as Mick
“Legends of Tomorrow” star Dominic Purcell revealed that John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Leo Snart (Wentworth Miller) will be flirting with each other in Season 3, episode 10 of the CW series. The CW

Dominic Purcell revealed that there’s a hilarious scene between Mick Rory, Leo Snart and John Constantine in Season 3, episode 10 of “Legends of Tomorrow.”

During a press visit to the Vancouver set of the CW series, Purcell said that the scene involves Mick (Purcell) seeing Leo (Wentworth Miller) and Constantine (Matt Ryan) flirting with each other.

“He was hitting on Wentworth’s character,” Purcell told Collider of the bisexual warlock Constantine. “Mick watching Leo and Constantine flirt with one another was like too much for Mick, so he just got out of there. That’s what I remember doing. It’s all too much! Too much information! Which makes it really funny. The scene is hysterical. We were all just on the floor laughing, so it’s all done in good fun.”

Apparently, Leo isn’t the only one who’s sort of attracted to Constantine. “Constantine’s such a different kind of male presence than we’ve had on the show in any other episodes [so he’s arrival] definitely shakes everyone up,” Maisie Richardson-Sellers said, before revealing that her character Amaya has a little crush on the Waverider guest passenger. “There’s quite a fun dynamic with Nate (Nick Zano) as well. He gets a little bit jealous. So, I think just Constantine’s ballsy sort of energy and his skills that he has, Amaya definitely admires that, and loves the fact that he’s so gung-ho about everything. She looks up to him, definitely.”

As seen in the trailer for Season 3, episode 10, Constantine will perform an exorcism in the hour. But as executive producer Phil Klemmer teased to The Hollywood Reporter last October, there’s a lot more things to look forward to in the installment.

“Constantine’s appearance in episode 10 will involve the following: a revisiting of ‘Arrow’ Season 4 and the events following that season’s finale episode; a confrontation with this season’s Big Bad on ‘Legends’; some hot sex; and Damien Darhk (Neil McDonough), because how can you do an episode about dark magic and not have Damien Darhk?” Klemmer said. “More than anything, the episode promises to be scary as you know what — tonally it’s ‘The Exorcist’ meets ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ Demonic possession in a mental institution — what’s not to love?”

“Legends of Tomorrow” Season 3, episode 10, titled “Daddy Darkhest,” airs in February 2018 on The CW.