Franz Drameh has confirmed his departure from “Legends of Tomorrow.”

On Wednesday, Drameh took to Twitter to acknowledge his exit from the CW series. In his tweet, the 24-year-old actor wrote that he’s had so much fun playing Jax and Firestorm.

Brandon Routh responded to Drameh’s tweet, telling the British actor that both he and his character are missed. “Thank you for bringing such heart to both him, and the show,” tweeted Routh, who plays Ray on the series. “And on a personal note, we miss your energy and jokes on set! Thank you friend!”

Tala Ashe, who plays Zari on the show, also reacted to Drameh’s exit. The Iranian actress uploaded some behind-the-scenes photos from this week’s midseason finale on Instagram. In the caption, Ashe made sure to tell Drameh that she misses him.

In Season 3, episode 9, the Legends rescued a time-displaced younger version of the late Martin Stein (Victor Garber). While Jax tried to warn young Stein of his impending death, Stein realized that his eventual passing comes after living a full life. So instead of trying to change his fate, Stein decidedly burned the warning letter Jax gave him.

“I’m not gonna cheat death, Jefferson,” young Stein told Jax. “None of us live together. And if I had one wish, it wouldn’t be for me to prolong my life, it would be for you to live yours and to have the happiness you deserve.”

When Drameh returned to the Waverider, he told Sara (Caity Lotz) that he would never be able to move on from Stein’s death if he stays on the ship. So he decided to leave the team and come back to 2017 Central City.

While Jax will no longer be a regular face on the show, Entertainment Weekly reported that the door is open for the character to pop up again in the future.

Jax’s void, however, was almost immediately filled by Constantine (Matt Ryan) who made his debut on the show at the end of the midseason finale. Constantine is set to return for Season 3, episode 10 but it remains to be seen whether the character will eventually become a regular fixture on the show.

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