Wentworth Miller as Leo Snart
“Freedom Fighters: The Ray” executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that there is no Leo Snart (Wentworth Miller) in the world of the new CW Seed series. The CW

“The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” star Wentworth Miller is not part of the voice cast of CW Seed’s new animated series “Freedom Fighter: The Ray.”

In last month’s “Crisis on Earth-X,” Miller played the role of Leo Snart, the Earth-X version of Leonard Snart who’s in a relationship with The Ray (Russell Tovey). While a lot of fans would love to see their love story carry over to “Freedom Fighter: The Ray,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that viewers won’t see Leo in the web series.

“There isn’t [a Leo in this world], because we conceived of this before Leo was a twinkle in our eye,” Guggenheim told TVLine. “Maybe, if there’s a Season 2…? And Wentworth is up for it? That would be great.”

Guggenheim admitted that the continuity between the crossover and “Freedom Fighter: The Ray” is “a little messy.” “[Former Arrowverse executive producer] Andrew Kreisberg and I were of differing minds about how tightly the animated series, which was written before the crossover, should tie in,” Guggenheim said.

“[But] it definitely is a prequel of sorts; it explains The Ray’s presence on Earth-X,” Guggenheim continued. “I would say it’s a prequel that requires an additional story hopefully be told down the road, to clean up the continuity. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a comic book story that would fix the continuity inconsistencies. Who knows! Maybe that will happen.”

Although Miller announced his imminent departure from the Arrowverse early last month, the actor might still end up voicing Leo, aka Citizen Cold, in future seasons of “Freedom Fighters: The Ray,” as working on animated series is less demanding than filming live-action shows.

“Currently shooting some of my final episodes as Captain Cold/Leonard Snart on the CW’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘The Flash,’” Miller shared on Instagram last Nov. 5. “Grateful — now and in advance — to a pair of talented cast and hardworking crew… Thank you… I’ve had a tremendous time playing this character. It’s been an opportunity, an education, and a blast.”

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The six-episode Season 1 of “Freedom Fighters: The Ray” is set to be released on Friday, Dec. 8 on CW Seed.