The Legion of Doom is going to play a much bigger role in the remaining episodes of “Legends of Tomorrow” Season 2.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Greg Berlanti said that the latter half of the current installment is going to be “the ultimate bad guy team-up,” as the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) are finally going to work together to make sure that the Legends can’t stop them from fulfilling their evil intentions.

Although Captain Cold and Malcolm are yet to make their first appearance in the show’s sophomore run, Berlanti revealed that they “just finished the script for an episode” that they’ve “been tentatively calling ‘Legion of Doom.’”

During a press event last month, Berlanti’s fellow executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that that both Captain Cold and Malcolm are set to make their Season 2 debut in episode 8, which happens to be the show’s mid-season 2 finale.

The Reverse-Flash and Damien made their season 2 debut in the season premiere, and the two baddies are returning to the show in next week’s episode, entitled “Compromised.”

In the trailer for the episode, Reverse-Flash — a.k.a. Eobard Thawne — saves Damien from a gun-wielding man who is about to shoot his back. While it’s unclear what the duo is up to this time around, the synopsis for the episode revealed that Damien is in the ‘80s working as a senior adviser for President Ronald Reagan.

Letscher is a series regular in Season 2 of “Legends of Tomorrow.” On the other hand, McDonough is a recurring cast member. Miller and Barrowman, on the other hand, are series regulars across all DC superhero shows on The CW.

“Legends of Tomorrow” Season 2, episode 5 airs on Thursday, Nov. 10, at 8 p.m. on The CW.