Batman Lego
Batman appeared in "The Lego Movie," and he'll be the focus of "The Lego Batman Movie" in 2017. Warner Bros./The Lego Movie

Batman fans haven’t really seen the comedic side of Bruce Wayne in quite some time. Christopher Nolan’s trilogy certainly wasn’t a lighthearted affair, and Fox’s “Gotham” definitely maintains a dark tone. However, “The Lego Batman Movie” is planning to show a lighter side of the Dark Knight.

Screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith called the planned 2017 release “the funniest Batman movie ever" when he spoke to the Hollywood Reporter. He also claimed the movie will be “huge in scope” and feature "the most Bat vehicles and gadgets ever seen onscreen."

“Lego Movie” director Chris Miller said the writers are trying to seek out stories that could only be told in a Lego movie, which includes maintaining a certain level of self-awareness, much like "The Lego Movie."

“We talk about them and oftentimes we say, ‘What can you do in this movie that you can only do because it’s a Lego movie?’ ” Miller told Empire. “Obviously you’re not just going to do a straight Batman movie. You have to take advantage of the medium you’re working in. So then you have the advantage of the Will Arnett version of Batman. On top of that we’re trying to take advantage of the fact that it’s Lego." (Arnett provided the voice of Batman in "The Lego Movie" and will return in "The Lego Batman Movie.")

Don’t expect the movie to be one big laugh fest, though. It will seek to answer a deeper question about the DC Comics superhero. “The Lego Movie” director Phil Lord gave MTV a hint at the plot for “The Lego Batman Movie.”

“No spoilers,” Lord told MTV. “But I will say I think the movie is really exciting because it’s about ‘Can Batman be happy?’ ”

“The Lego Batman Movie” is set for a 2017 release. Do you think a funny Batman movie could be great or is it necessary for the Dark Knight to keep his darkness? Sound off in the comments section below!