Leiby Kletzky
Leiby Kletzky, 8, found murdered in home of Levi Aron, 35. NYPD

It was the boy's first day to receive permission to walk home from day camp, when the otherwise exciting sign of independence became the worst nightmare.

The dismembered body of Leiby Kletzky, an eight-year-old Brooklyn boy, was found in a neighbor's refrigerator and a nearby dumpster. The incident shook the Hasidim neighborhood in Brooklyn, where the boy lived.

Levi Aron, a 35-year-old stock clerk at the Empire State Supply Co. hardware store in Kensington, is awaiting charges after his confession of kidnapping and murdering Kletzky.

According to Police, Aron is divorced and lives alone in the attic of a building shared with his father and uncle.

It is not clear how long the boy had been dead, said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. A part of the boy's dismembered body was found in Aron's refrigerator, and the rest of the body parts were found wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag, inside a red suitcase that had been tossed into a nearby dumpster. It was after a massive search for Leiby Kletzky that police came to the Kensington, Brooklyn, apartment of Levi Aron, where he reportedly implicated himself in the murder of the Hasidic boy, and allegedly gestured toward the kitchen when asked about the whereabouts of the boy.

Aron told investigators that he killed Kletzky in a state of panic upon seeing the intense search led by the community and the police upon notification the boy was missing. So far, there is no evidence released that the child was sexually abused but further investigations are still underway.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, He panicked, and that is why he killed the boy.

Leiby Kletzky was caught on surveillance camera approaching Aron for directions from his summer camp. Kletzky was supposed to meet his mother at a designated spot one block away from the camp but instead willingly entered Aron's vehicle after a conversation. It is unknown if Aron and Kletzky previously knew each other.

Kletzky's parents reported that the child usually doesn't walk home alone and was allowed just this one time on conditions to meet his parents halfway from their home. When the child did not meet his mother at a spot located one block away from the camp, police were notified and the search began, sparking interest in the surrounding community.

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