Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh
“Lethal Weapon” star Damon Wayans said that he “would probably quit the show” if the original Roger Murtaugh portrayer, Danny Glover, didn’t like his performance on the FOX series. Darren Michaels/FOX

Although Damon Wayans hasn’t spoken to the original Roger Murtaugh portrayer, Danny Glover, Wayans revealed in a recent interview that the latter’s approval of his portrayal of the role on FOX’s “Lethal Weapon” is hugely important to him.

“I haven’t talked to Danny Glover,” Wayans told Inquirer via an e-mail interview. “And if I were to be in the same room with him, I would probably be a little uncomfortable. [And] if he said he didn’t like it, I’d probably quit the show.”

At a screening of the TV series at the 10th anniversary of the PaleyFest Fall TV preview event in Los Angeles last September, Wayans said that he’s had no communication with Glover nor does he want to. “To alleviate the trepidation, you can’t go pet the tiger,” Wayans said (via New York Daily News) at the time. “It would be flattering if after this airs, you get a call from Mel Gibson or Danny Glover saying, ‘Hey, guys, good job.’ … [So] I wouldn’t [reach out to him]. I’d be too intimidated.”

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Wayans’ co-star Clayne Crawford hasn’t also consulted Gibson since he was tapped to play Martin Riggs — a role originated by Gibson — on the TV series. “I’m sure they’ve all got many other things to worry about other than me, and bigger careers and things to focus on,” Crawford said at PaleyFest, referring to both Gibson and Glover. “I haven’t heard from them, but again, if they watch it, I certainly hope they enjoy what we've tried to do with the characters.”

“Lethal Weapon” ended its 18-episode first season run last March. The show is set to return for its 22-episode Season 2 in the fall.

Plot details about Season 2 are being kept under wraps, but series creator Matt Miller told Yahoo TV that the TV series will be rebooted next season. “The idea is to reboot the series in Season 2 by giving some resolution to what went down in Mexico in a way that feels satisfying, without necessarily having to do a serialized couple of episodes,” said Miller. “We have a new mythology that we’re going to be introducing; the cartel will still be alive in Season 2, but they’re not going to be a focal point. We’re using them as a layer and building on top of it.”