“Lethal Weapon” actress Jordana Brewster is having a great time working with Clayne Crawford on the set of the FOX buddy cop series.

In the latest installment of “Lethal Weapon’s” behind-the-scenes interview show “Lethal Access,” Brewster opened up to her co-star Johnathan Fernandez about why she enjoys filming scenes with Crawford. “It’s really fun working with Clayne because Clayne’s really good,” said Brewster, who plays Dr. Maureen Cahill on the show. “He’s just really fun to observe because there’s so much going on in his eyes. So as a therapist, it’s really fun to hone in and watch.”

Cahill is LAPD’s resident psychologist, and one of her patients is Crawford’s character, Riggs — a Navy SEAL veteran who suffered a tragedy in his life following the recent death of his wife.

This isn’t the first time Brewster has gushed over Crawford’s acting chops. In an interview with Parade in September, Brewster said that she likes the fact that the show’s casting team picked Crawford for the role of Riggs.

“I love that they cast someone as good as Clayne because he’s so talented,” Brewster said. “Everything he does is so grounded.”

Crawford also seems to enjoy working with Brewster. When asked by TVLine if Riggs will eventually find love on the series, the actor said: “I think at some point they’re going to try to incorporate some kind of love interest…  And it would be crazy if it was Jordana.”

The next episode of “Lethal Weapon” airs on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 8 p.m. EST on FOX. Check out the synopsis for Season 1, episode 8, titled “Can I Get a Witness?” below:

“When a million dollar casino heist takes a deadly turn, Riggs befriends the only credible witness, an 8-year-old boy, and takes him into his care. On the flip side, Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) pulls some dangerous stunts in an attempt to prove to everyone that he can be a motorcycle guy. Meanwhile, Riggs contemplates what to do with the money he received from selling his home in Texas.”