Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tommie Lee was asked to leave a Delta airlines flight. VH1

Although she previously vowed to put her troublemaking days in the past, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast member Tommie Lee recently found herself at the center of a dramatic incident.

On Wednesday, while attempting to fly out of Atlanta, Tommie was escorted off of a Delta airlines flight, according to TMZ. The news of the VH1 star’s latest incident comes after sharing a post on Instagram revealing that one of her friends passed away.

“Rip #Nikki,” Tommie captioned the photo of her friend.

The drama started when the reality star attempted to board the plane while holding a glass of wine. Although she was asked to leave her beverage in the terminal before she boarded the plane, Tommie carried it to her seat anyway.

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Shortly before take off, flight attendants and security confronted Tommie which resulted in a 10-minute conversation that the reality star stayed calm for. Tommie was asked to leave the flight which she did, however, the incident delayed the plane for 34 minutes.

Although it was initially reported that she was drunk at the time of the incident, a rep for the reality star denied that she was intoxicated. Instead, the rep insisted Tommie was grieving and kicked off the plane for crying following the death of a friend.

On the VH1 series, Tommie is known for her violent outbursts. In March, she attempted to fight fellow cast member Karlie Redd while out at an Atlanta club.

In a video which recorded the aftermath of the fight, Tommie can be seen being held down by security as she is kicking and punching them in an attempt to be released so she can fight Karlie.

Although it is difficult to see Tommie’s face in the video, the star’s outerwear can bee seen. The VH1 personality shared a photo of herself wearing her Iceland coat from her fur line with Je’Amor on Instagram prior to the physical altercation.

Karlie and Tommie have been at odds for some time now after Tommie found out that Karlie was seeing her now ex-boyfriend Scrapp Deleon during the same time that they were dating. Karlie’s behavior made Tommie feel betrayed because she thought the two were building a friendship.

On “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, episode 3, Tommie attempted to reform her behavior by switching up her group of friends by hanging out with Tammy Rivera, Mimi Faust and surprisingly Karlie because the women are not known for getting into legal trouble like Tommie is.

However, the girls night out quickly went south when Tommie attempted to be cordial with Karlie and the two got into an argument.

Prior to that, Tommy was sent to jail in August 2016. She was later released after threatening cast member Joseline Hernandez who filed a restraining order against her when she allegedly tried to run her over and threatened to kill her.

Although Tommie’s latest incident didn’t result in jail time, let’s hope the reality star can stay out of trouble and turn over a new leaf.