Lil Scrappy
Lil Scrappy’s relationship issues were shared on Instagram by his ex-fiancée. The rapper is pictured attending the “Straight Outta Compton” VIP screening on July 24, 2015 in Atlanta. Getty Images

Although “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6 is just about over on VH1, there is still plenty of drama happening off screen between the cast members. On Thursday, Bambi shared a few details about her and Lil Scrappy’s relationship issues via Instagram.

The reality star posted several text messages from her ex-fiancé, revealing that he is having trouble moving on the from their romance. After exposing his messages to her, which reveal him begging for another shot, Bambi revealed that she isn’t sorry about sharing her ex’s personal business with the public.

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The star posted a selfie while addressing her recent Instagram activity. “I’m not sorry but the next fleet of lies told on me can just keep swirling. I fell into a whole trap this morning ... I woke up and read some lies that pissed me off, that’s what I get for grabbing my phone before I prayed. Good day people,” she wrote.

In the now deleted posts, Bambi shared several screenshots of text messages from Scrappy in which he asked for her to give their relationship another chance.

“I know ur not going to hit me back but I love u and I wish we could get over this but I feel like ur mentally tryna move me out the way but I love u,” he wrote.

Scrappy also told Bambi that he is struggling to live without her and wanted to be in her life again. “I need u bad I Knw I b tryna keep my poker face but I dne got weak and I can’t even act no mo, I’ll do whatever drop whatever for us to b together and for me to get help in my life so I can help u with urs I wanna invest in u in whatever u need from a man,” he wrote in a text.

Despite his pleas and his vows to change, Bambi revealed she isn’t interested in making things work with her ex. Attached to the photos, the reality star wrote a caption detailing why she chose to post the text messages.

The star explained that she has removed herself from the relationship and is in the process of moving on from Scrappy but has become fed up with going to bed and waking up to text messages from the rapper.

His constant texts forced her to block his number, something he wasn’t thrilled about. “So u blocked me wow,” the rapper wrote in one message.

“I don’t know why I’m being tried, all I’ve done is move on and mind my business. I even told him to keep the money he owes me but everytime I look up he’s going out of his way to try and get my attention,” she wrote in her caption.

“I honestly, truly am Good. It’s ok to leave a situation on decent terms but this dude wants to play games like a hurt female instead of really trying to get better. Don’t play with me cuh … just a lil warning shot,” Bambi added.

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Despite his unanswered texts, Scrappy allegedly went on to contact her every few days sending her well wishes and telling her how much he loves her. The rapper continued to vow that he would seek help and change so they can be together.

Despite his efforts, it looks like his pleas have fallen on deaf ears seeing as Bambi insisted she is done with the romance. Scrappy has yet to address his ex’s Instagram post.