Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J
Joseline Hernandez called out Stevie J for not being in his daughter’s life. The reality stars are pictured attending UrbanDaddy Presents Grey Goose Le Melon Fruit Of Kings on July 29, 2014 in Atlanta. Getty Images

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J’s relationship has been on the rocks for a long time, but it seems things between the two have gotten worse ever since the artist announced she was pregnant last year. Although the former couple has tried to work things out since she gave birth to their daughter Bonnie Bella, it seems like the VH1 star is done attempting to fix things with the father of her child.

On Thursday, the reality star seemingly shamed Stevie by posting about the work that goes into parenting a child on their daughter’s official Instagram account. Joseline shared a post on Instagram explaining that any woman can be a mother but it takes an amazing woman to be a dad too.

“My mom is here to tell you--- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! #wecandoit,” the picture quote was captioned.

Shortly after the post, Stevie called out Joseline for continuing to keep their daughter away from him and not allowing him to spend any time with her. “Real moms don’t use children as pawns,” he wrote in the comment section of the post.

Prior to her post about the absence of a father figure in her daughter’s life, Joseline shared a post explaining why some mothers should give their children their last name rather than the father’s.

“This is to SINGLE MOTHERS… If your child’s father wouldn’t give you his last name then why did you give your child that man’s last name.You’re giving that man a false sense of fatherhood. If you have to take care of your child alone then your child should have your last name not an absent man’s,” the quote by Tony A. Gaskins Jr. read.

“Single moms we got this!” she captioned the picture quote.

In early June, Joseline began to hint that she quit “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” because of issues with showrunner Mona Scott-Young.​ By July, Joseline revealed that Mona was bitter about her leaving the show because she could no longer control the reality star.​

During an Instagram Live video in July, Joseline revealed that she and her daughter share the same last name. “I can no longer let my baby daddy control me. My daughter is here with her godmother and me and my family. Stevie denied my baby for 10 months, her last name is Hernandez so let’s just get that very clear,” she said.

A few days prior to her post, Stevie shared a video of himself and Bonnie Bella revealing that he has not seen her because of his issues with Joseline. “Missing my Bella, I love my children more than I love myself & it’s foul for you to be used as a pawn but trust me when I say once you’re in my arms again that's where you’ll stay forever,” he wrote.

Joseline and Stevie are known for their dramatic and sometimes volatile relationship. Although they are not on the best of terms at the moment, the couple is known to break up and get back together often. Only time will tell if their latest split is truly the end of the relationship or just another bump in the road.