• Aaron continues to fight against his conviction
  • His new client creates a rift between him and his crew
  • Aaron meets his daughter's boyfriend

Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) is fighting hard to turn his conviction to a life term. In “For Life” Season 1 episode 2, he is up against his own crew because of his latest client.

[Warning: Spoiler Alert!]

The new ABC legal drama revolves around the life of Aaron who is fighting for his own freedom as well as giving out legal help to fellow prisoners. In the second episode, tensions brew between Aaron and his mates in the prison as he decides to represent a white supremacist.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Glen Maskins (Boris McGiver) goes after Aaron with all his might after the latter files a case against the NYPD to get access to his case file.

In the pilot episode of “For Life,” Aaron finds out about teenage daughter Jasmine’s (Tyla Harris) pregnancy. This compels him to further his resolve to fight for his conviction. Now, in episode 2, Jasmine’s boyfriend Ronnie plans to visit Aaron in prison.

“For Life” is a show based on the real-life tale of Isaac Wright Jr. who is a victim of the loopholes in the legal system. Isaac becomes a lawyer representing other inmates in the prison while fighting his life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

The show’s executive producer is Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson who is also known for creating “The Power.”

The Official Synopsis of “For Life” Season 1 Episode 2

“Aaron Wallace's fight to overturn his conviction to a life sentence continues. Tensions rise between Aaron and his crew when he provides counsel to a white supremacist in order to repay his debt to inmate Wild Bill. District Attorney Maskins ups his game when Aaron sues the NYPD in an attempt to gain access to his case file. Meanwhile, his daughter's boyfriend, Ronnie, braces for confrontation as he visits the prison to meet Aaron for the first time.”

“For Life” Season 1 episode 2 is slated to air on Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. The episode is titled “Promises.”

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