Full House Lifetime movie
The first photos from Lifetime's “The Unauthorized Full House Story” sparked a reaction on social media. Back row, from left: Justin Mader, Shelby Armstrong, Garrett Brawith and Justin Gaston. Front: Blaise Todd and Dakota Guppy. Lifetime/Scott Schafer

“Full House” fans seem excited for the premiere of “Fuller House” on Netflix, but they aren’t quite as jazzed about Lifetime’s new movie about the series. In fact, audiences have made it quite clear on Twitter that they don’t support it.

Lifetime is making “The Unauthorized Full House Story,” which supposedly tells what it was like behind the scenes of the 1987-1995 ABC sitcom. According to the cable network, the movie “centers on the rise of the cast of one of America’s most beloved family sitcoms and the pressures they faced in balancing their television personas with their real lives.”

The cast photos show Garrett Brawith as Bob Saget, Justin Mader as Dave Coulier, Justin Gaston as John Stamos, Shelby Armstrong as young Candace Cameron Bure, Dakota Guppy as young Jodie Sweetin and Blaise Todd as young Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Full house lifetime
The cast of “The Unauthorized Full House Story” has caused controversy on Twitter. From left: Blaise Todd as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Shelby Armstrong as Candace Cameron Bure, Justin Mader as Dave Coulier, Garrett Brawith as Bob Saget, Justin Gaston as John Stamos and Dakota Guppy as Jodie Sweetin. Lifetime/Scott Schafer

Several cast members aren’t pictured. There will be an older set of actresses playing Bure, Sweetin and the Olsens later in life. Brittney Wilson will play an older Bure, and Jordyn Olson will play the older Sweetin. The Olsens will be shown at several different ages. Blaise and Kinslea Todd will play them as toddlers, Calla and Tyla Jones will portay them at age six and Kylie and Jordan Armstrong will be the 9-year-old versions. Also starring are Aislyn Watson and Jaime Schneider as the younger and older versions, respectively, of Andrea Barber, and Stephanie Bennett will play Lori Loughlin.

When the first pictures of “The Unauthorized Full House Story” cast hit the Internet Thursday, fans were quick to make it clear that they didn’t approve of the actors playing the Tanner family. Some left comments that were just angry, while others mocked the Lifetime cast.

The actual “Full House” cast might not be as angry as the fans, however. Dave Coulier, who played Joey, thought the cast photo was funny.

This isn’t Lifetime’s first unauthorized story. Within the past year, similar films have been made about “Saved by the Bell,” Whitney Houston, Aaliyah and more. All received comparable criticism and questions about legitimacy.

“The Unauthorized Full House Story” premieres on Lifetime on Saturday, Aug. 22, at 8 p.m. EDT on Lifetime. What do you think of the cast photos? Sound off in the comments section below!