Saved by the bell
Lifetime's "The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story" premiered on Labor Day. Lifetime

Lifetime’s “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” premiered on Monday, Sept. 1. Fans of the hit ‘90s sitcom, “Saved by the Bell,” appeared to enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at “what really went on” … however some of the original actors did not.

The Lifetime movie was based off of Dustin Diamond’s (aka Screech) 2009 tell-all book, “Behind the Bell.” The actor’s negative portrayal of what happened during filming was not well received by his former co-stars when the book was released. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris on “Saved by the Bell,” told the Huffington Post Live that he remembers things different about the show.

“Everything I’ve heard about this book is it is negative,” he explained. “I don’t remember those things. My experience on the show was very positive. It’s his perspective.”

Now that the Lifetime movie has been released, some of the other stars of the ‘90s comedy are speaking out, making it clear to fans that the flick was based off of Dustin Diamond’s accounts of what happened.

Tiffani Thiessen, who played Kelly Kapowski on “Saved by the Bell,” did not take to Twitter to comment on “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.” Mark-Paul Gosselaar did the same, last tweeting on August 31.

Lark Voorhies took to the social media site on Aug. 25 to thank fans on the 25th anniversary of “Saved by the Bell” – however she wasn’t in support of the Lifetime movie. The actress, who played Lisa Turtle, tweeted the following on Monday night:

Mario Lopez, who portrayed jock A.C. Slater, used the “Saved by the Bell” hype to push his new memoir, “Just Between Us.” The Extra host posted:

As for Dustin Diamond? “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” may have been from his perspective, but the 37-year-old chose to stay quiet on social media about the Lifetime flick.

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