Lil B, the rapper also known as the BasedGod, released his latest album' I'm gay (I’m Happy)' on iTunes on Thursday and then gave a free link of the album to his fans on Mediafire.

Lil B released his retail album without it leaking. After over a decade of trying, no major record label has figured out how to do this, said Brendan Frederick, deputy editor of Complex Magazine in a tweet.

Lil B was part of the group Pack and has solo hits ‘ Vans’ and ‘Wonton Soup’ to his credit. His decision to name his album I’m Gay has led to a lot of ridicule and even threats amongst his brethren.

The hip hop community is known to be homophobic. There are some other artists who have thrown their weight behind him. Lupe Fiasco of the ice cream tattoo fame wrote on his site, “What gets Lil B admission into my coveted genre of Liberation Rock is his absolute lack of fear when it comes to challenging the status quo, Fiasco said. Let me make something abundantly clear, the title I'm Gay (I'm Happy) I think is absolute genius. Those two words together side by side in almost any format in the society we live in can be a cultural and social death sentence.

In an interview to CNN Lil B said, “I hope that I can turn some of my fans that might be homophobic or supporters that might be homophobic and say, You know what, we're all one people. This is love. It's just respect, and I did that to bring people together and bring more love and to spark the minds of people and not let words and judgments and stereotypes stop you from loving.”

I'm just really trying to push the boundaries, bring a message, Lil B told Billboard last month.

The album’s title may be misleading as there are no open references to the topic on the album. Lil B raps of mental slavery , about healthcare reform and his place in the sun.

To be fair, he is sticking to his definition of gay, that of being a heterosexual, happy and gay man.