Lily Allen has said "nepo babies" don't care about money and power as much as they look forward to having stability and love in their lives. She claimed the parents of these kids "are probably narcissistic."

The 37-year-old singer, who is the daughter of actor Keith Allen and English film producer Alison Owen, first sparked an online debate on nepotism Monday.

Lily tweeted people should be worried about "nepo babies" in politics and banks instead of blaming celebrity kids as they have more effect on the "real world consequences."

A Twitter user replied to the tweet and said, most "nepo babies" aren't self-aware and are ignorant. Moreover, they are not "willing to admit that they are privileged."

Lily responded to the tweet Tuesday, explaining that kids of famous people often lack nurturing, love and stability because their parents are "narcissistic."

"In childhood we crave stability and love, nurturing, we don't care about money or proximity to power yet," she wrote. "Many of the nepo babies are starved of these basic things in childhood as their parents are probably narcissistic."

"And entertainment business is not parent-friendly eg.. Touring/ months away shooting. It can be hard to see one's own privilege when you're still processing childhood trauma, and a lot of these kids haven't figured that out yet," she added.

While her tweets didn't go well with many online users, the singer noted in a separate post that she is a "nepo baby" and "literally deserve nothing."

An online user called out the singer for being "ignorant to write off Nepotism in the arts in this way" because "nepotism does a huge disservice to poorer artistic communities, who often receive little to no representation."

Lily replied to the user: "People wouldn't have to choose financial security if the industries I listed above didn't rig the system against them. That was kind of my point. A fairer society would create more opportunity."

After facing backlash, the singer acknowledged she "seems to have riled people up" with her comments.

"I am nearly 40 years of age and am more than happy, in fact, I think it's important to disclose what a privileged upbringing I've had and how that has created so many opportunities for me," she wrote.

Lily shared how she worked "extremely hard" to get success, before noting she had "quite a fraught relationship" with some of her family members. So, she finds it "difficult" to attribute her success to them.

"Nepo babies have feelings," she added, noting how people love to laugh at the kids of famous people.

On the work front, Lily will be next seen in the TV series "Dreamland," which is currently under post-production.

Lily Allen
Much married pop star Lily Allen has joined mobile dating app Tinder. Pictured: Singer Lily Allen arrives at the Elle Style Awards in London February 18, 2014. Reuters/Paul Hackett