• Lindsay Hubbard said she didn't think Craig Conover was a loser 
  • Hubbard remembered calling the "Southern Charm" star a loser after their argument 
  • Andy Cohen defended Conover, saying most people on Bravo were arrogant

Lindsay Hubbard did not mince words when asked about her "Summer House" co-star Craig Conover.

When Hubbard appeared in Monday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," one fan asked her if she thought Conover was a "loser."

"Do I think he's really a loser? No. Do I think he's other things? Probably," Hubbard was quoted by Page Six as saying. When asked what she meant by "other things," she shared her descriptions for the "Southern Charm" star.

"I mean, I just think that he is a little bit narcissistic and arrogant," she added.

Host Andy Cohen quickly defended Conover, arguing that the same could be said for "98 percent of the people on Bravo," and Hubbard agreed.

In one episode of "Summer House," Hubbard was involved in a heated argument between Conover, 33, and Paige DeSorbo after telling the latter that he hooked up with Kristin Cavallari. The "Hills" star, on her part, denied the hookup and insisted that they were just friends. Following the dispute, he called her the "biggest loser in the world."

Hubbard explained that she wasn't bothered by his comment because she also called him the same in the heat of the moment.

"In all fairness, I also called him a loser while walking around my room [after the argument], so it doesn't bother me," Hubbard recounted. "I think in the heat of the moment, we all sort of say things."

When DeSorbo confronted Conover about the "Very Cavallari" star, he confirmed that they did hook up.

"No, I'll tell you, it was, like, I've hooked up with her before," he was quoted as saying by Us Weekly.

Conover also told DeSorbo that he hooked up with others while in Nashville. He also reminded her that they were not exclusive, and it was DeSorbo's choice.

"The only girl I've ever been to a baseball game [with] is you. The only one that my friends know is you. I like you. But I didn't sign up for this. I came to go swimming and s–t. This is a whole f–king thing now," Craig added.

"This is a little f--king messy," Hubbard said on the cameras.

Despite the dispute, DeSorbo and Conover decided to make their relationship "official" last month after casually dating for months.

"I feel like if two accountants started dating, there's things that they just get in their workplace and it just makes a lot of sense when we do the same thing," DeSorbo told Us Weekly on Feb. 12 when they attended Sports Illustrated The Party x Palm Tree Crew presented by ABG Entertainment and Talent Resources Sports. "Like, I don't have to explain a lot of things to Craig."

The Sewing Down South founder agreed. According to him, it was just right for them to commit because they were each other's biggest fan.

"We are each other's biggest fan, so it really helped. I think I'm always rooting for her, she's always rooting for me, which honestly goes really far in a relationship. Especially with our lives comes so many challenges," he added.

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