Something is rotten again in the state of Lohanland.

Lindsay Lohan called her father after she got into a fight with her mother Dina Lohan after leaving a New York City club around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, TMZ reported.

They were in a limo that was going back to Lohan senior’s Long Island house.

The argument started over Lohan wanting back the $40,000 she loaned to her mother so she could avoid foreclosure on her house.

TMZ obtained the audio from the fight, though some of it is inaudible.

Lohan starts out by saying to her father Michael, “Yes  I do, go ahead, you know what, I’m asking you to be respectful, you’re being… I swear to God…”

Since Lindsay had told her father she was being kidnapped, Michael was trying to get his frantic daughter to tell him the name of the driver.

“If you could just pull over for a second, yes please… thank you,” the “Liz and Dick” star says to the driver.

It then seems like Michael is trying to convince his daughter that she’s being kidnapped when he says, “He’s kidnapping you.”

The actress then changes the subject and begins talking to her father about her mother, “She’s throwing your ******* kids out and she’s threatening everyone in the car.”

“Mom is,” he asks.

As Michael tries to figure out what’s going on, Lindsay turns to her mother and says, “You already told me that I was a piece of ****.”

When her father asks if Dina is calling the cops on LiLo she responds, “Yes, she’s calling the cops on me and I have to have the… with the conversation I just heard.”

Again she turns to her mother and says, “You were just on the phone, you were just saying you were calling the cops right… delusional, you just said that—you just said that. You tricked me.”

Michael Lohan is still on the line with Lindsay supposedly being kidnapped when she begins to tell him  more about why she was fighting with her mother:

“You’re crazy, I was like give me my money back, give me my 40 grand back, that I just gave you, and… because you won’t do that—it’s not her fault, you just don’t pay… I didn’t know that, you don’t ******* do it, I asked her to give it back and she’s like you’re sick, you don’t give me anything, you don’t do anything for anyone.”

Her father quickly consoles her to tell his famous daughter that she does do things for everyone and then quickly harps on the fact that she gave his ex-wife $40,000.

Lilo explains that she gave it to her mother so she could keep her house.

The deranged phone call doesn’t stop there.  

Lindsay again turns to her mother and said, “If you had a daughter would you want someone to talk to you like that,” which doesn’t make any sense since Lindsay is Dina’s daughter.

That’s when she tells her father that her mother is on drugs.

“Dad, she’s on cocaine, she’s like touching her neck and ****.”

Then a sobbing Lindsay tells her father, “She just said I’m dead to her, I’m dead to her now.” That’s when Dina is heard in the phone call for the first time and says, “That’s right, you’re dead to me.”

TMZ noted that the two were seen hugging on Wednesday morning but that Dina Lohan hadn’t apologized for her actions.