Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan pays the government $93,701.57, but still owes $133,000, and goes AWOL on a 'Million Dollar Decorators' taping following an accident.  REUTERS

It seems like just yesterday that Lindsay Lohan was getting hauled into the NYC slammer for punching out a fellow clubgoer who her rumored love interest, Max George, was reportedly spending a little too much time talking to. But Lohan and George have apparently already moved on from the incident, so much so that sources say Lohan is now tagging along with George’s band The Wanted on their private tour bus.

According to TMZ, Lohan joined the band at their Wednesday night concert in Boston, after riding up in the band’s tour bus as George’s guest.

Lohan was arrested for assault on Nov. 29, following an incident with Tiffany Ava Mitchell, a professional psychic who sources claimed had been flirting with George throughout the night at the NYC club Avenue. Mitchell claimed that Lohan had punched her and called her a “f---ing Gypsy,” before leaving the club with her security in tow. Mitchell’s husband, Wayne Stevens, corroborated his wife’s claims, telling the NY Daily News that, “She comes around and told my wife, ‘I need space’ ... and then she just punched her.” Lohan admitted to the namecalling, but denied that she had punched Mitchell.

Wanted bandmate Jay McGuinnes defended Lohan in an interview with MTV News, saying, "It's a bit of a blur actually, but some sort of scuffle with a fortune teller.

"We actually carried on partying after that. It was reported that [the fight] was about Max, but I don't think it actually was. But [Lohan] was a total sweetheart on the night, so our experience is quite positive,” he added.

According to TMZ, George has been repeatedly telling friends that he isn’t dating Lohan and doesn’t want a relationship right now. He also reportedly denied that he invited the “Liz & Dick” star backstage after his band performed at Jingle Ball in Philadelphia on Dec. 5th – just weeks after Lohan was arrested for the assault. Nevertheless, Lohan was photographed backstage at the concert, and even signed autographs for fans.

According to the source, George "doesn't want a girlfriend, and is a single guy ... but doesn't mind having Lindsay around."