Lindsay Lohan completed her stint as host of Saturday Night Live on March 3 to some cheers and some jeers. This may be the first time Lindsay Lohan had trouble doing lines. #SNL, tweeted by user DrunkEnough was the most retweeted message about Lohan on Saturday night. Others had kinder words to say. Like her or not, but Lindsay Lohan's hosting stint helped boost #SNL's ratings, tweeted The New York Daily News.

Regardless of whether her acting/cue-card-reading was on point or not, many could not tear their eyes away from Linday Lohan's decidedly different facial features. The 23-year-old looked quite puffed up on the days leading up to her SNL performance as well as on the big night.

Um WTF has Lindsay Lohan done to her face?! Besides use it to lie her tail off on the @todayshow, tweeted user Gossip Girl. Lindasy was funny on SNL! Of course it looked nothing like her, tweeted radio station 94.5 PST. Lindsay Lohan is only 25. So sad that her face looks all puffy from weird plastic surgery and she could barely say her lines on SNL. :( posted user Ryan Case. Lindsay Lohan will be on SNL tonight. I am scared to see what her face will look like in HD, tweeted user @DollarMenuTweets.

At just 25-years-old, Lindsay Lohan looks well beyond her years. The Daily Mail featured a photo of Lohan walking through New York City and noted her puffy pillow face.

The actress joins Madonna and Kylie Minogue as the most obvious examples of stars whose ever youthful glow suggests they may have had fat implants in their cheeks, causing the 'pillow face effect,' wrote The Daily Mail. The online publication stated that many celebrities are opting for fillers instead of tucks these days, which gives a plumped-up look rather than a wind tunnel or frozen effect.

CeleBuzz spoke to plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher about Lohan's dramatic new face. Though Dr. Fisher has not treated Lohan, after comparing photos of her from 2006 to 2012 he said that she appears to have had work done.

She looks like she has had an excessive amount of filler injected in her face, he says, adding, I'm not a fan.

Despite the criticism, some took to defending the starlet. No matter you think of plastic surgery in general or Lohan's sober, bleached-blond and pouffy-lipped reincarnation in pop culture, it doesn't make it right to totally bash and snark at the way Lohan looks now, wrote Elizabeth Nolan Brown of

Even if Lohan has had plastic surgery, or facial fillers, or lip injections, or whatever, that doesn't justify bashing her or focusing so much on her appearance now. The amount of cruelty and vitriol directed at Lohan online goes far beyond 'it's a shame a young actress feels the need for so much artificiality to feel (pretty/worthwhile/etc.)' to a digital freak-show-folks gawking at the worst photos of Lohan alongside the most red-haired and fresh-faced of Lohan photos from her Disney child star days.

Others have attempted to offer the 25-year-old some style advice. The beauty and fashion blog Stylelist wrote an open letter to Ms. Lohan, proposing a fresh new look for the actress. The blog advises the actress ditch the platinum extensions and go back to her natural red hue. All we want to do is reiterate how GOOD you USED to look. You nailed that fresh-faced look like few others could. Give it a rest with the false lashes and whatever else is going on there. Also, please stop covering up your freckles, added the blog. Stylelist also recommended Lohan dress her age (and take some cues from the likes of Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth) and get back to a healthier body weight.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's new look? Do you think the starlet has gotten plastic surgery? Is she in need of a total make-over? Leave your feedback in the comments section below.