Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan Poses Nude for Playboy and the issues are selling out in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Playboy

Lindsay Lohan's entire Playboy pictorial spread has leaked and has the Internet abuzz with chatter.

In the shot, Lohan is sitting in a red Playboy Bunny chair (which strategically covers certain parts), which is placed in front of a red curtain backdrop. The actress wears nothing but a pair of black pumps and fiery red lipstick. With her blonde hair in full, voluminous curls, the 25-year-old looks innocently into the camera, evoking a calm presence similar to that of her favorite icon, Marilyn Monroe.

In the spread, Lohan poses against the same red curtain backdrop wearing nothing but a bight-red lipstick pout. The theme of the editorial spread seems to evoke images of pin-ups from the past -- and cast Lohan as a modern-day siren.

The Lindsay Lohan pictorial was inspired by the Marilyn Monroe nudes by Tom Kelley that launched Playboy [and] her career, tweeted Playboy honcho Hugh Hefner, who will now release the magazine early due to the unplanned reveal.

After the spread leaked, critics took to Twitter to voice their reactions. The top response? Lindsay Lohan should thank the Photoshop gods.

Many other response were similar. But they broke Photoshop editing these, posted one user. Omg, they worked magic, wrote another.

Some attested that she did not even look like herself. Lindsay Lohan and Playboy jumped Marilyn Monroe's image in a back alley, and all of the pictures from that tragic event have already leaked a week before they're supposed to come out, wrote DListed blogger Michael K.

It's way beyond Photoshop. It's a blonde Pete Burns painted in velvet.

TMZ was able to obtain what it claims to be the only non-Photoshopped image. It is a photo of Lohan standing in the studio in a satin robe, smoking a cigarette. The picture was taken behind-the-scenes during her shoot in November, right before she disrobed.

A TMZ poll asks readers if they prefer this Lindsay or the Photoshopped version of her, and 52 percent said they like the real version better.

Click here to see the photo of Lindsay Lohan.