Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan Reuters

Lindsay Lohan just revealed early Tuesday morning that she was pregnant.

April Fools’ Day is over, so it doesn’t seem like the troubled redhead is joking. She took to Twitter to share the news: “It’s official. Pregnant…”

The simple statement could be read to mean the 25-year-old actress is not too thrilled with the news but just reporting it as a matter of fact.

She didn’t say who the father was, but she has been linked lately to City of the Sun guitarist Avi Snow.

Ok magazine recently reported Snow doesn’t like being in the public eye, so he probably won’t be happy that within seconds of Lohan posting the tweet hundreds of fans retweeted the news.

She has recently been sentenced to rehab, but according to new reports she refused to go unless she could take Adderall, TMZ reported.

A California judge mandated Lohan must go to 90 days of residential rehab, 18 months of psychological counseling and 30 days of community service two weeks ago.

Her lawyer Mark Heller says the Adderall report is entirely false, according to the New York Daily News.

"That was never a part of any discussion with the prosecutors or the court. That was never an issue we addressed," the news site quoted Heller saying on Monday.

"Prosecutors or the court would never interject themselves into medical determinations," he reportedly said. "Patients traditionally apprise facilities of what medications, if any, they're prescribed, and after a full series of medical evaluations, each facility determines what medications, if any, are going to be allowed. This is never dictated by the patient. It's always determined by medical staff who are well qualified."

Lohan has reportedly been taking the amphetamine-based prescription drug for “as long as she can remember,” the Daily News added.

The starlet has until May 2 to enroll in rehab or she will risk immediate jail time.