Lindsay Lohan
Lohan pleads not guilty on Wednesday's hearing Reuters

Lindsay Lohan is embroiled in a suspected assault and battery charge in connection with a December 12 incident at the Betty Ford Clinic.

According to a report, Lindsay Lohan and her friends snuck out of the clinic for night out and came in back late. The story is that a staffer wanted to do a breath analysis test on her and she refused which led to an altercation. Both parties accused the other of assaulting and charge. The police was called.

There were no arrests the night of December 12. A sheriff's deputy said detectives are continuing to look into the case - the staffer wanted to pursue charges - but no arrests have been made, says TMZ. The staffer, has since been fired from her position for talking to the media, also denied Lohan's claim that she had been acting in self defence.

Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley says that Lindsay herself called 911 on the night of the incident, according to

LiLo recently hit 100 days of sobriety and got her driver's license reinstated .

Lohan had entered the facility in September when she failed several court-ordered tests and did not meet her probation conditions. She was ordered into rehab till January 3 which has been extended up to February 25 already. The judge has also threatened her with a six-month jail sentence if things go wrong further.