• Senator Lindsey Graham is involved in a post-election scandal
  • Graham earns at least $174,000 annually
  • Graham listed two liabilities in 2018

Senator Lindsey Graham makes at least $174,000 per year. The lawmaker from South Carolina could be facing ethics complaints ahead following his controversial move after the election was revealed.

A senator’s salary in the U.S. depends on the roles and tasks he or she has. A basic lawmaker makes at least $174,000 annually while others who have additional responsibilities can make a lot more. Minority and majority floor leaders can earn $193,400 while president pro tempore can make $223,500 per year, according to Celebrity Net Worth

The senate president is the most lucrative position as one can earn at least $230,700 per year. The numbers used in the report were from 2010 and when adjusted to the current inflation rate, the salaries could be way up. 

A 2018 report by Open Secrets stated that there were about 37 assets listed under Senator Lindsey Graham that were valued at around  $1,780,000. His biggest investments were put on real estate assets. Moreover, it was revealed that he had two liabilities: mortgage loans that totaled $500,00. Graham had also not listed any gifts, positions, or honoraria at the time.

When compared to the salary of a senator in the ‘70s, the pay has considerably improved. Back then, Joe Biden was still a lawmaker and only made $44,600 a year. Fast forward to 2020, a lawmaker can enjoy different benefits on top of the salary. The perks included are the personal staff allowance that goes to the staff hired by a senator in his office. The highest amount a staff can earn is $156,848 annually. Moreover, expense allowance is also given to a senator. This will cover the day-to-day expenses such as local travel, communications and office supplies. 

US Senator Lindsey Graham is in the fight of his political life in South Carolina US Senator Lindsey Graham is in the fight of his political life in South Carolina Photo: AFP / Logan Cyrus

Meanwhile, the 65-year-old made headlines recently after Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger claimed that Senator Graham told him to disregard some ballots in Georgia while the recount was ongoing, per CNN.

Graham, who is also the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, refuted the allegations. The South Carolina senator explained that it was part of his duties to see how some states validate signatures from in-mail ballots.

The incident raised suspicions if the Republicans are doing whatever they can to prove there was election fraud, an accusation that was quickly dispelled by Raffensperger. In the end, the predicted 14,000 more votes that Biden had over Trump in Georgia would be too big to overcome. 

Whatever the result is, critics have called out Senator Graham over his decision to contact the Georgia secretary of state. While the move may be legal, others see it as unethical.