Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling continues to release beautiful music while playing her violin. Pictured: Lindsey Stirling at the 2016 Panorama Festival in New York City on July 22, 2016. Getty Images/Nicholas Hunt

Lindsey Sterling’s career may have blossomed after she joined “America’s Got Talent” Season 5, but the professional violinist's experience on the NBC reality show was not without its “terrifying” moments.

While speaking with IBTimes UK, Stirling said that competing on the show was scary because everyone who auditioned in Season 5 were all talented. “It was terrifying. I’d never been in front of anyone except a small audience before and to be on national TV in front of millions of viewers was really scary. It was the emotional ups and downs of it that really surprised me more than anything,” she said.

Stirling, who first rose to fame as a YouTube artist, said that she dreaded the feeling of not knowing whether or not she was the one to be sent home. After reaching the quarterfinals, Stirling was eliminated from the competition. “You’re worried you’re going home, then they’re telling you you’re amazing but then all of a sudden you are kicked off the show. It’s just this rollercoaster of emotions that was difficult but gave this thick skin of, ‘Okay, I made it through that I can face this industry,’” she said. According to the show’s spoiler site, soul singer Michael Grimm was named as winner in Season 5.

Meanwhile, despite the ups and downs that she experienced on “America’s Got Talent” Season 5, Stirling said that she’s extremely grateful to have been featured in the reality competition. “I learned so much. It gave me a taste for what real performing was like, and I desperately wanted more of it,” she told Rock Era Magazine.

In other news, Stirling also shared what her inspirations are every time she would create her own music. According to the artist, her emotions come from her past experiences – both good and bad. “Once I start writing, I like to work with a producer on the backtrack first, and then the creative juices start to flow,” she said.