Jesse Eisenberg
Jesse Eisenberg's second play, "The Revisionists," is set to debut off-Broadway. Eisenberg will star in the drama alongside with Vanessa Redgrave. Reuters

Entertainment Tonight reported Tuesday that Academy Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg brought more attention to the movie Camp Hell than its makers might have wished when he filed a lawsuit against Lions Gate Entertainment and Grindstone Entertainment.

The Social Network actor charges both companies tried to milk his walk-on role in the supernatural thriller into big bucks. Although an image of Eisenberg dominates the cover of the DVD version that hit stores in August, the lawsuit asserts he's in the actual film for less than five minutes.

The documents show that Eisenberg's suing for at least $3 million, which the Internet Movie Database noted happens to be the film's budget.

Attorney Marty Singer, who filled out the paperwork, maintained that the $3,000 Eisenberg received for two weeks of shooting was an amount substantially less than Eisenberg typically receives for his acting services, RumorFix reported. He apparently took the job as a favor for a friend.

Eisenberg is bringing this lawsuit in order to warn his fans and public that, contrary to the manner in which the defendants are advertising the film, Eisenberg is not the star of and does not appear in a prominent role in 'Camp Hell,' but instead has a cameo role in 'Camp Hell,' the documents said.

A limited theatrical run for Camp Hell begins Friday.