• Jacob Griffin, 23, was fatally shot by a SWAT officer Saturday near a south Nashville Goodwill store when he fired his pistol 
  • Karen Griffin, Jacob's mother, earlier called authorities and warned them that he talked about "mass murder"
  • The incident will be investigated by the Tennesee Bureau of Investigation and the Davidson Country District Attorney's Office

A 23-year-old schizophrenic man from Nashville, Tennessee, was killed by officers Saturday evening after his mother called authorities and said he was threatening "mass murder" in text messages, police announced Sunday.

Jacob Griffin was fatally shot by a SWAT officer after authorities attempted to take him into custody and Griffin fired off a shot with his pistol, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) spokesperson Don Aaron said in a video. The video also included the 911 call and body camera footage from various officers of the incident.

According to Aaron, Griffin was killed in the woods behind the south Nashville Goodwill store at 6708 Nolensvilles Pike, where the homeless man had taken residence in a small plot of land.

His mother, Karen Griffin, called authorities Saturday afternoon and said Jacob was "schizophrenic" and "was texting me messages that he plans to kill me and other people," according to the released 911 call.

"He does have a gun. He has texted me pictures of a full magazine of bullets this morning. So he is armed and I personally would consider him dangerous," Karen told the dispatcher, adding, "(Jacob Griffin) has never actually been violent. I really don't want the police to kill him. But I don't want him to kill anyone else either."

Karen explained that Jacob was fired from the Goodwill store and was "very, very, very angry" at the staff. She also said that at one point, he allegedly threatened to enter the store with a weapon and "kill everyone he can find."

"He has not specifically threatened the Goodwill today. But he has talked about 'mass murder' today in the text messages he's sending me," Karen continued. She added that Jacob "has never been as specific as he has been today."

The MNPD said in the statement that Jacob refused to surrender his pistol when officers from the South Precinct arrived at around 3:30 p.m. An officer then reportedly fired a Taser at Griffin, but it was ineffective.

Police negotiators and SWAT officers were requested on the scene at approximately 4:10 p.m. They were followed by mobile crisis staff from the Mental Health Co-Op, who arrived at 5:15 p.m.

Body camera footage of the events leading up to the fatal shooting showed Jacob telling officers to leave his property.

"I am a hypnotist. Get off my property," Jacob was heard saying in the footage.

Negotiation attempts changed when Jacob fired off his first shot at 7:20 p.m., according to Aaron. He explained that SWAT officers put a plan into motion to take Jacob into custody by using distraction devices, direct impact hard foam rounds and a police K-9 team.

When they attempted to detain Jacob, officers ordered him to show them his hands and asked where his pistol was. Jacob then fired off a second shot with his pistol, and an officer responded by shooting him.

According to Aaron, Jacob died shortly after arriving at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He clarified no police officers were injured in the incident.

Police said the incident will be investigated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Davidson County District Attorney's Office.

The MNPD will also be conducting an administrative review of the tactics and interactions in the incident in accordance with policy.

Representation. Griffin was fatally shot when he fired off his pistol and a SWAT officer returned fire. Pixabay