• The shooter was driving the wrong way on a road at the airport
  • He started firing when an officer stopped his car
  • Polie returned fire and hit him
  • He was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead later

Police have shot and killed a man who opened fire outside the airport in San Antonio hours after he fired at vehicles from a highway overpass in the northern part of the city Thursday.

The airport was locked down after authorities were notified of a wrong-way driver on one of the airport's roads around 2:30 p.m, ABC News said in a report.

When an officer stopped the man's car at Terminal B, he went out of the vehicle and started shooting. Police returned fire and hit the man. The gunman was taken to the hospital but was later pronounced dead.

No one else was injured during the incident.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus commended the officer who took down the shooter, noting that his deed had saved lives.

According to McManus, the gunman had a large stockpile of ammo along with the large handgun that he used to shoot indiscriminately toward unsuspecting civilians.

The shooter, whose identity was not revealed, was a middle-aged man with a history of mental illness, reported KSAT. The police already had encounters with him in the past.

Earlier that day, a man also opened fire from a high-traffic overpass in the northern part of San Antonio. McManus said the police believe it was the same person.

Meanwhile, FBI special agent Chris Combs assured the public that there is no reason to think of the incident as an act of terrorism. Because of this, he added, local authorities will be responsible for the investigation into the shooting.

A similar incident involving a shooter happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on April 2 when a stalker tried to kidnap a woman and shot her husband. The woman was walking to her car with her husband when the shotgun-wielding stalker appeared. The couple ran back to their home but the stalker shot at the door, hitting the husband. The stalker fled in his truck when the cops arrived at the scene but his vehicle crashed. He was taken to the hospital to get treated for his head injury and was arrested after.

police tape
Representational image of a police tape. Manuel Handboy was arrested after he struck three women with his vehicle in Colorado. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman